100 Quality Girl Names That Start With Q: With Meanings (2024)

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Quietly contemplate this list of unique girl names that start with Q.


Although Qabliah is rare, it is a wholesome option. This Islamic moniker means “one who consents to” or “approves of (something).” Qabilah is a great way to pay homage to your baby’s cultural or religious heritage.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Accepter, approver
  • Pronunciation: kuu-BEE-la, KHA-bluh
  • Variations: Qaabilah
  • Popularity: Qabilah is most commonly found in Qatar, but has about 12 bearers worldwide.

Strong, Exotic, Religious


Q’abze is one of the more unusual girl names that start with Q. The pronunciation is widely unknown; however, it originates with the Kabardians or Kabardinians, a Circassian tribe. Although short, an apostrophe adds a layer of interest to this traditional pick.

  • Origin: Kabardian, Circassian
  • Meaning: Clean
  • Popularity: Q’abze is extremely rare and doesn’t show up on popularity charts.

Unique, Exotic, Radiant


Qadira is the feminine form of Qadir, a Quranic name from the root Q-D-R. Qadir appears seven times in the Quran, making Qadira feel sacred by association. If you love traditional Islamic Q names for girls, Qadira still has room for takers. It will certainly be a hit with its strong meaning and lyrical pronunciation.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Powerful, able
  • Pronunciation: KA-dih-ruh, kuh-DEE-ruh
  • Variations: Qadeerah
  • Popularity: Qadira is most popular in Afghanistan, but is rare, with about 1,152 bearers worldwide.

Melodious, Strong, Religious


The rare and exotic Qaifa is elusive. It has no recorded bearers in the West and an uncertain meaning and origin. Still, it sounds too pretty to pass up!

  • Origin: Bengali
  • Meaning: Estimator
  • Pronunciation: KAY-fah
  • Popularity: Qaifa has three known bearers in Pakistan.

Exotic, Sturdy, Radiant


You might wonder if Qailah is just a trendy ripoff of Kayla, but let us reassure you it has deeper roots. This is an Islamic option that can blend into the mainstream culture. Despite its perceived rarity, Qailah appears fairly common in Muslim communities.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: One who speaks
  • Pronunciation: KAY-lah
  • Popularity: Qailah is extremely rare with one recorded bearer worldwide.

Unique, Religious, Sturdy


Qailertetang is among the most unusual girl names with Q. This is an Inuit goddess associated with fishermen, hunters, animals, and the weather. It doesn’t have a widely known pronunciation or meaning outside of Inuit communities. Perhaps all the unknowns add to this unique name’s mystery and exotic appeal.

  • Origin: Inuit
  • Meaning: Weather spirit
  • Popularity: There are no known instances of Qailertetang on popularity charts.

Exotic, Magical, Complex


Qalamoy comes from the Uzbek words “qalam” (pencil/pen/writing style/mascara) and “oy,” meaning “month.” It likely has some cultural significance that many in the West may be unaware of. This shouldn’t stop you from trying out this interesting pick. At three syllables, it could serve as a well-balanced middle name.

  • Origin: Uzbek
  • Meaning: Pencil mouth, mascara mouth
  • Pronunciation: kha-LAM-oy, kha-lam-oy
  • Popularity: Qalamoy is extremely rare and does not appear on popularity charts.

Old-fashioned, Unique, Exotic


Qalina might seem uncommon to those in Western nations, but it’s used fairly often in Azerbaijan. This is the Azerbaijani form of Galina, a Russian feminine form of Galenos. If you’re trying to bring a little peace into your life, Qalina is among the prettiest Q names for girls with a soothing meaning.

  • Origin: Azerbaijani
  • Meaning: Calm, tranquil
  • Pronunciation: gah-LEE-na, kah-LEE-na
  • Variations: Galina
  • Popularity: Qalina is most commonly found in Azerbaijan, with about 3,129 bearers internationally.

Soothing, Exotic, Popular


Despite being gender-neutral, Qamar is more popular for girls worldwide. Lunar epithets skew more feminine; even in religion, the moon is often associated with a goddess. Your little lunar princess deserves a spot in the sky, so why not consider this Arabic choice?

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Moon, natural satellite
  • Pronunciation: kah-MAAR
  • Namesakes: Saba Qamar Zaman, a Pakistani actress working in Urdu films and TV. Qamar-ol-Moluk Vaziri, an Iranian singer.
  • Popularity: Qamar is most prevalent in Pakistan and Afghanistan but doesn’t make the U.S. popularity charts.

Soothing, Radiant, Beautiful


What could be better than one moon but two? Qamaraat is the plural form of Qamar, which is Arabic for “moon.” They both derive from the Quranic root Q-M-R. This makes Qamaraat a good option for babies born into the Muslim faith.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Moons, satellites
  • Pronunciation: kuh-muh-RAT, ka-MAAR-at
  • Popularity: Qamaraat doesn’t appear on popularity charts.

Exotic, Soothing, Radiant

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Qamra stems from the Arabic root “qamar,” meaning “moon.” Although it has its fans among Islamic populations, to English speakers, it may sound like the word “camera.” Your daughter might get many people telling her to “say cheese!”

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Moon, satellite
  • Pronunciation: KAM-ruh
  • Popularity: Qamra is rare worldwide but is most prevalent in Pakistan and Kuwait.

Unique, Radiant


Stemming from the Greenlandic “qanik,” Qannik is a modern spelling of the Iñupiaq K’ánik (snowflake). This delicate epithet has a unique clicking sound to it — like gently cracking glass or ice. It embodies the idea of a falling snowflake. This is a great traditional option for anyone who loves Inuit culture and the snow!

  • Origin: Inuit
  • Meaning: Snowflake
  • Pronunciation: KUN-nik
  • Variations: K’anik
  • Popularity: Qannik is extremely rare, with less than five known bearers in the U.S.

Cool, Melodious, Magical


Qarirah comes from the Quranic root Q-R-R and is Arabic for “serene” and “calm.” It’s a feminine epithet with a bright and cheerful vibe owing to its meaning and open vowel sounds. Qarirah is ideal for a smiley baby girl.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Serene, joyful
  • Pronunciation: kuh-REE-ruh
  • Variations: Qareerah, Qarira
  • Popularity: Qarirah is limited to use in Egypt and South Africa and has at most five known bearers.

Soothing, Religious, Melodious


Qasmaa is a lovely Islamic option for a beautiful baby girl. It stems from the Quranic root Q-S-M but is not directly mentioned in the Quran. This rare Middle Eastern moniker is practically begging for its moment to shine.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Beautiful, gorgeous
  • Pronunciation: khus-MA, khus-MAH
  • Variations: Qasma
  • Popularity: Qasmaa doesn’t appear on popularity charts.

Exotic, Beautiful, Radiant


Because of its unusual spelling, Qaumaniq might be intimidating for those unfamiliar with the Iñupiaq language. Although the pronunciation is not commonly known, its length is perfect for balancing a shorter first name. Why not let this gender-neutral pick engender a curious spirit in your little one?

  • Origin: Inuit
  • Meaning: Enlightening knowledge
  • Style: Radiant, Unique, Complex
  • Pronunciation: KA-WMAN-IHK
  • Popularity: Qaumaniq has one recorded bearer in the U.S.


Qëndresa is a stylish-looking Eastern European moniker. It comes from the Albanian word “qëndresë,” meaning “stay,” “firm stance,” “steadfastness,” or “resistance.” Qëndresa is certainly fitting for a darling daughter with a spunky personality. And for a tomboy, Dre (DREY) is a super-cool nickname.

  • Origin: Albanian, Kosovan
  • Meaning: Resistance, steadfast, firm
  • Pronunciation: chuun-DREY-sa
  • Namesakes: Qëndresa Krasniqi, a Kosovan-born Albanian women’s football player.
  • Popularity: With just over 1,000 bearers worldwide, Qendresa is the most popular in Kosovo.

Beautiful, Sturdy, Strong


Say hello to Qenehelo. This Sotho moniker feels very wholesome with its uplifting meaning. If you’re searching for something truly unique, look no further. Qenehelo originates in the mountainous, land-locked nation of Lesotho in southern Africa. Although rare, it also finds use throughout the surrounding region of South Africa.

  • Origin: Sotho
  • Meaning: Pity, forgiveness
  • Pronunciation: KEH-neh-heh-LOH
  • Popularity: Qenehelo is most common in Lesotho and South Africa but is extremely rare worldwide.

Exotic, Complex, Soothing


Qetesh is an Egyptian epithet from the Semitic root Q-D-Š, meaning “blessed” or “holy.” This was a Bronze Age goddess of fertility and sexual pleasure. Being named after a goddess is already pretty cool, but Qetesh also has an intense slashing sound tailor-made for a rockstar baby.

  • Origin: Egyptian, Semitic
  • Meaning: Holy, blessed
  • Pronunciation: keh-TESH
  • Variations: Qadesh, Qedesh
  • Popularity: There are four known bearers of Qetesh in the U.S.

Religious, Cool, Melodious


Qeturah is a variant spelling of the Arabic and Hebrew feminine moniker Keturah. It comes from the Hebrew Qəṭūrā meaning “incense,” “fragrant scent unto God,” or “(to) make sacrificial smoke.” In the Bible, Keturah became Abraham’s second wife after Sarah. Qeturah is one of the sweetest ways to give thanks for your bundle of joy.

  • Origin: Arabic, Hebrew
  • Meaning: Incense
  • Pronunciation: keh-TOO-ruh
  • Variations: Keturah
  • Popularity: Qeturah is mostly limited to England and the U.S. but is extremely rare.

Beautiful, Soothing, Unique


Although Qhawa is given to boys among certain populations, rest assured this epithet is girls-only in the Quechua language. This six-letter epithet is exotic but not too complex-looking. The exact pronunciation is not widely known, but that shouldn’t deter you. If you hope to bestow your daughter with strength or mindfulness, try Qhawa.

  • Origin: Quechua, Aymara
  • Meaning: Breastplate, armor, one who watches
  • Pronunciation: KA-WA
  • Variations: Qhawaq
  • Popularity: Qhawa doesn’t show up on any popularity charts as a forename.

Strong, Sturdy, Exotic

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Let your baby girl find enlightenment and peace with this traditional Chinese option. Qi is one of the shortest women’s names that start with Q. It is a transliteration of the Chinese character meaning “air, breath, steam, vital energy,” “to open, to enlighten,” or “plan, strategy, chess game.” This is a great way to connect with your spiritual side.

  • Origin: Chinese
  • Meaning: Air, vital energy, enlighten, strategy
  • Pronunciation: CHEE
  • Variations: Chi
  • Namesakes: Qi Wei, also called Stephy Qi, a Chinese singer and actress. Qi Wen Feng, a Chinese model. Qi Qi, a Chinese artistic gymnast.
  • Popularity: Qi commonly ranks in the top 500 names in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Popular, Soothing, Radiant


Qian looks like a futuristic version of Sian. Your baby’s life may not be a cyberpunk adventure, but they’ll definitely stand out in the West. This unisex Chinese epithet can mean “beautiful, handsome,” “smiling,” or “fast.” More often, it’s written as 钱 (qián), meaning “money.” Backed by ideas of beauty and success, Qian is sure to bring happiness.

  • Origin: Chinese
  • Meaning: Money, iron spade
  • Pronunciation: tCHEE-an, CHEE-ehn
  • Variations: Chien, Tsien
  • Namesakes: Qian Julie Wang, a Chinese-American writer and attorney.
  • Popularity: Qian is popular in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan.

Radiant, Sturdy, Melodious


Qiana is one of the easier names for girls that start with Q. This sing-song African American pick is a variant of Quiana, from the name of a silky material by Du Pont. Once a hit, it doesn’t make the U.S. top 1,000 names in more modern times. Still, Qiana is a classic that deserves another shot.

  • Origin: African American
  • Meaning: Silky
  • Pronunciation: kee-A-nuh, kee-AH-nuh
  • Variations: Kiana
  • Namesakes: Qiana Joseph, a Saint Lucian cricketer.
  • Popularity: Qiana is most popular in the U.S., peaking at 507th in 1978 and disappearing from charts after 1981.

Beautiful, Soothing, Modern


Qianru is ideal for academic types. It combines the Chinese characters 倩 (qiàn), meaning “elegant, beautiful,” and 儒 (rú) (scholar/Confucianism), or 如 (rú) meaning “to be like.” Qianru is rare in the West, making it a hidden gem for many parents. Express your love of learning with Qianru.

  • Origin: Chinese
  • Meaning: Beautiful scholar
  • Pronunciation: tCHEE-AN-ROO
  • Namesakes: Qianru Sun, a Singaporean university assistant professor.
  • Popularity: Qianru is most prevalent in China and Taiwan.

Melodious, Strong, Unique


Qiao isn’t quite the same as the fancy Italian greeting. It’s Chinese, from the character 巧 (qiǎo) (skillful/artful). It can also be written as 桥 (bridge), 荞 (buckwheat), or 樵 (firewood gatherer). Though unlikely due to the unusual inflection, it could be written as 俏 (pretty). Regardless, parents can choose the characters and meaning they prefer.

  • Origin: Chinese
  • Meaning: Skillful, firewood gatherer, bridge
  • Pronunciation: tchy-OW, CHYOW
  • Popularity: Qiao has about 6,739 bearers worldwide and is more common as a surname.

Sturdy, Popular, Exotic


Qiaochai is a rare Chinese epithet. It combines the characters 俏 (qiào), meaning “similar, resemble,” and 侪 (chái), meaning “company,” “companion,” and “together.” Since having a baby is like gaining a friend, Qiaochai is certainly fitting.

  • Origin: Chinese
  • Meaning: Like a companion
  • Pronunciation: tchy-OW-tch-EYE, CHYOW-CHEYE
  • Variations: Qiao Chai
  • Popularity: Qiaochai is limited to China, where there are about 560 bearers.

Complex, Soothing, Exotic


Of the Chinese names for girls that start with Q, Qilan is preferred in Taiwan. And it’s not hard to see why! It pairs the Chinese characters 祺 (qí), meaning “good fortune/luck,” and 兰 (lán), meaning “orchid.” Worldwide, parents wish for their daughters to have beauty and success. Let your own flower bud blossom with the lovely Qilan.

  • Origin: Chinese
  • Meaning: Lucky orchid
  • Pronunciation: kuh-LAN, KEE-laan
  • Variations: Qi Lan
  • Popularity: Qilan is most prevalent in Taiwan but doesn’t make the top 1,000 names there.

Radiant, Beautiful, Unique


Qimmiq is the Inuit word for “dog.” It follows a trend of traditional baby names that represent loyalty, courage, and strength by associating with a man’s best friend. Qimmiq is often considered masculine due to its meaning and symbolism, but like many Inuit-given names, it can be used for either gender. Plus, you can shorten it to Qimmi (KIH-MEE).

  • Origin: Inuit
  • Meaning: Dog
  • Variations: Qimmik
  • Popularity: Qimmiq has less than five known bearers in the U.S.

Old-fashioned, Exotic, Unique


Consider Qing if you like vibrant girl names that start with Q. It comes from the Chinese characters for “blue/green” and “young,” or “clean/pure” and “honest/upright.” In contrast to its youthful energy, Qing can also mean “still” or “quiet.”

  • Origin: Chinese
  • Meaning: Blue, green, young
  • Pronunciation: CHYUNG, CHEENG
  • Variations: Ching
  • Namesakes: Qing Tian, a Chinese badminton doubles player. Qing Jiang, a Chinese communist revolutionary, actress, and wife of the Paramount leader, Mao Zedong.
  • Popularity: Qing is in the top 100 names in China and Hong Kong.

Popular, Melodious, Radiant


Qingling comes from the Chinese 庆 (qìng), meaning “celebrate, congratulate,” and 玲 (líng), meaning “tinkling of jade.” This one sounds like the shine off some precious stone. We know your baby is the most precious gem of all, so why not celebrate her birth with Qingling?

  • Origin: Chinese
  • Meaning: Tinkling jade celebration
  • Pronunciation: tch-YUNG-lyung, CHYUNG-LYUNG
  • Variations: Qing Ling
  • Namesakes: Qingling Zhang, a Chinese-British film concept designer.
  • Popularity: Qingling is most popular in China but falls short of the top 1,000 names there.

Radiant, Beautiful, Exotic

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Like many Inuit first names, Qinnuajuaq is gender-neutral. It is Inuktitut for “rough-legged hawk,” a bird of prey found in many Arctic and Subarctic regions. Qinnuajuaq is ideal for animal lovers and birdwatchers alike. Its length and perceived complexity might lead some parents to make it a second name, though.

  • Origin: Inuit
  • Meaning: Rough-legged hawk
  • Pronunciation: ken-OH-jew-ack
  • Variations: Kenojuak
  • Namesakes: Qinnuajuaq Aasivak, a prominent figure of modern Inuit art.
  • Popularity: There is one recorded bearer of Qinnuajuaq in Canada.

Exotic, Complex, Cool


Qiqi is simply beyond cute. Some will recognize this one as a character from Genshin Impact. This adorable pick is a repeated combination of the Chinese characters 琦 (qí), meaning “gem” or 七 (qī) meaning “seven.” Whether your daughter is the seventh child or doubly precious, Qiqi is the way to go.

  • Origin: Chinese
  • Meaning: Seven gems
  • Pronunciation: CHEE-CHEE, TCHEE-TCHEE
  • Namesakes: Qiqi Yua, a Chinese athlete specializing in sprinting. Qi Qi, a Singaporean TV host.
  • Popularity: Qiqi is most popular in Taiwan, with about 1,510 bearers worldwide.

Radiant, Magical, Exotic


Qiraat is not common outside of Pakistan, but it has a powerful presence. It means “recitations” or “readings” (of the Quran) in Arabic, stemming from the Quranic root Q-R-HAMZ (he/she read or recited). This is also the root of the word “Quran.” Parents, especially devout ones, should find Qiraat a pleasing option.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Recitations, readings
  • Pronunciation: kee-ruh-AAT, kee-ruh-UHT
  • Variations: Qira’at
  • Popularity: Qiraat is most common in Pakistan but is quite rare, with about 118 bearers worldwide.

Religious, Exotic, Sturdy


Qisma feels perfect for balancing out with a longer one on this list. It’s an Arabic feminine epithet meaning “fate, fortune, destiny.” You can’t see the future, but you can help shape it with Qisma.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Fortune, destiny
  • Pronunciation: KIHS-muh, KUUS-muh
  • Variations: Qismah
  • Popularity: Qisma is extremely rare, with less than 40 bearers internationally.

Magical, Exotic, Radiant


Qismat sounds cool and even has a cool meaning to back it up. It stems from an Arabic root meaning “fate/destiny,” fortune,” or “God’s will.” Qismat isn’t as popular in the West as in the East, so consider this your opportunity to set a trend. Whether you hope to pass on your heritage or simply want something unique, Qismat might be written in your stars.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Fate, fortune
  • Pronunciation: kuus-MEHT, KIHS-mut
  • Variations: Kismet, Qesmat
  • Namesakes: Qismat Abaza, the daughter of Egyptian actor Rushdy Abaza. Qismat Alıyev, an Azerbaijani professional football player.
  • Popularity: Qismat is common in Azerbaijan and Pakistan but doesn’t appear on U.S. popularity charts.

Cool, Magical, Unique


To Anglophones, Qiu might seem like a phonetic way to write the letter Q. However, Qiu comes from the Chinese characters 秋 “qiū” (autumn) or 丘 “qiū” (mound/hill). Qiu, meaning “autumn,” is a popular personal name in China, and it was the given name of the Chinese philosopher Confucius. Seasons come and go, but Qiu might be here to stay.

  • Origin: Chinese
  • Meaning: Autumn, hill
  • Pronunciation: CHYOH
  • Variations: Chiu
  • Namesakes: Qiu Jin, a Chinese revolutionary, feminist, and writer. Qiu Tian, a Chinese actress.
  • Popularity: Qiu is very popular in Hong Kong, usually ranking in the top 1,000 names there.

Old-fashioned, Popular, Soothing


Qiuye combines the Chinese characters for “autumn” and “moon.” With such a gorgeous meaning, it’s easy to understand why it’s the 7,792nd most common name worldwide. In the popular mobile game Genshin Impact, Qiuyue is an open-world NPC (non-player character).

  • Origin: Chinese
  • Meaning: Autumn moon
  • Pronunciation: CHYOH-YOO-EH
  • Popularity: Qiuyue ranks in the top 1,000 names in Taiwan and is also highly popular in China.

Beautiful, Radiant, Soothing


Qiziloy doesn’t look like how it sounds. That’s because it comes from the Uzbek elements “qizil,” meaning “red,” and “oy,” meaning “crescent/moon.” Its variant, Kızılay, is a neighborhood in a province in Turkey. A red moon or blood moon occurs during a total lunar eclipse and is visually striking. That’s why Qiziloy is perfect for an equally stunning baby.

  • Origin: Uzbek
  • Meaning: Red moon, red crescent
  • Pronunciation: kuu-zuu-laay
  • Variations: Kızılay
  • Popularity: Qiziloy is extremely rare as it doesn’t show up on popularity charts.

Cool, Exotic, Strong


Cute Qoni is a cozy Quechua option meaning “warmth.” Although it’s short and sweet, with two vowels, it sounds longer than it is. In Uzbek, the word “qoni” means “blood.” While the two are unrelated, both can be indicators of life and symbolic of family.

  • Origin: Quechua
  • Meaning: Warmth
  • Pronunciation: KOH-neye, KOH-nah
  • Popularity: Qoni has about 128 bearers worldwide, making it quite rare.

Soothing, Exotic


Qoqa might seem like an unusual choice for English speakers, but its meaning might make you think twice. In Chechen, it means “dove” or “rock pigeon.” In many cultures, doves are symbols of peace, freedom, and love, making Qoqa feel quite poetic. Parents will especially find the association with the soft, cute, plump bird appropriate.

  • Origin: Chechen
  • Meaning: Dove
  • Pronunciation: KOHW-KA
  • Popularity: Qoqa is most popular in Azerbaijan, with about seven bearers.

Exotic, Soothing, Radiant

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Q’orianka sounds a little Russian, but it’s actually a Quechua moniker. It combines the Quechua words “qori/q’ori” meaning “gold,” and “anka,” meaning “eagle.” It’s most famously borne by American actress Q’orianka Kilcher. Though the Hollywood star brought Q’orianka into the spotlight, it’s still rare enough to feel special.

  • Origin: Quechua
  • Meaning: Golden eagle
  • Pronunciation: KAW-ree-aang-kuh
  • Variations: Qorianka
  • Namesakes: Q’orianka Kilcher, an American actress, noted for starring in The New World and Princess Kaiulani.
  • Popularity: Q’orianka is most popular in Peru and Brazil but is rare worldwide.

Melodious, Radiant, Strong


Quandra is a modern invented name which combines the element “quan” with Sandra, from Alessandra. This association gives it a queenly feel, which is great for the next heir to your throne. Quandra is not as rare as some other Q names for girls on our list, but it’s still highly unique.

  • Origin: African American
  • Meaning: Defender of men
  • Pronunciation: KWAAN-druh
  • Popularity: Quandra has almost 400 bearers limited to the U.S.

Strong, Sturdy, Modern


Quanita’s meaning is not widely known, but some suggest it means “humble.” Another possibility is that it comes from the Spanish name Juanita, meaning “little Juana,” ultimately from John. Quanita can be considered a contemporary classic if the latter is the case. Parents who wish to kindle a mild attitude in their daughter may want to consider Quanita.

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Humble, little Juana
  • Pronunciation: kwah-NEE-tuh
  • Variations: Juanita
  • Namesakes: Quanita Roberson, an American author and founder. Quanita Adams, a South African stage and screen actress.
  • Popularity: Quanita is most prevalent in South Africa and the U.S. but doesn’t crack the top 1,000 names.

Melodious, Beautiful, Modern


Among the many female names that start with Q, Quannah is perfect for a sweet-smelling baby girl. It’s an Anglicized variant of the Comanche word “kwana,” meaning “smell, fragrant.” The more well-known form of this epithet is Quanah, borne by the Comanche Nation leader Quanah Parker. Quannah is the slightly more modern, feminine version.

  • Origin: Native American
  • Meaning: Fragrant, scent
  • Style: Modern, Soothing, Beautiful
  • Pronunciation: KWAH-nuh
  • Variations: Kwana, Quanah, Quana
  • Namesakes: Quannah Chasinghorse-Potts, an American model and actress.
  • Popularity: Quannah is most common in the U.S. but doesn’t make the top 1,000 names.


Quartney is a variant of the popular gender-neutral Courtney. It comes from Old French and may mean “from the court.” It might also derive from the Old French nickname “court nes,” meaning “short nose. Whether your baby is a little princess or you find that baby button nose too cute, Quartney could be the ideal pick.

  • Origin: English, American
  • Meaning: From the court, short nose
  • Pronunciation: KAWRT-nee
  • Variations: Courtney
  • Popularity: There are less than 20 bearers of Quartney worldwide.

Unique, Cool, Sturdy


Quartz is modern and fresh on the name scene. It comes from the German “quarz,” meaning “rock crystal,” ultimately stemming from Old Slavic “tvrudu” (hard) and a root meaning “to grasp, hold, hard.” Quartz is rare, but along with other gem names, it has gained traction with the Cartoon Network show Steven Universe.

  • Origin: German, English
  • Meaning: Hard, rock, crystal
  • Pronunciation: KWAWRTS, KWAWTS
  • Namesakes: Jakie Quartz, born Jacqueline Cuchet, a French singer.
  • Popularity: Quartz has less than 50 bearers internationally.

Modern, Strong, Cool


Qubliah is another form of Qabilah, an Arabic epithet meaning “accepter” and “approver.” This could be a way to pay homage to your faith. In the case of Qubilah Shabazz, her father named her after Kublai Khan, whose name has an uncertain meaning. Qubliah is certainly an interesting choice.

  • Origin: African American, Arabic
  • Meaning: Kublai, accepter
  • Pronunciation: koo-BEE-luh, kuh-BEE-lah
  • Variations: Qabilah
  • Namesakes: Qubilah Bahiyah Shabazz, the second daughter of Malcolm X and Betty Shabazz.
  • Popularity: Qubilah is most popular in the U.S. but does not make the top 1,000 names.

Unique, Sturdy, Religious


Qudrat comes from the Arabic word “qudrah,” from the Quranic root Q-D-R. It means “power, strength, force.” Qudrat is more popular in Middle Eastern countries and among Muslim communities worldwide. There’s still lots of room to acknowledge Qudrat in the West, though.

  • Origin: Persian, Arabic
  • Meaning: Power, aptitude, strength
  • Pronunciation: KOOD-reht, kood-RAAT
  • Variations: Qudrat, Qudrah, Qudra
  • Popularity: Qudrat is quite popular in Pakistan, Uzbekistan, and Afghanistan.

Religious, Strong, Popular


Qudsia comes from the Arabic word “quds,” meaning “sacredness.” Hence, Qudsia means “holy, sacred” or “pure, innocent, chaste.” Due to its meaning, Qudsia is considered related to Allah in Islam. Pious parents may find Qudsia especially appealing among other girl names with Q.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Holy, sacred, pure
  • Pronunciation: kuud-SEE-ya
  • Namesakes: Bano Qudsia, born Qudsia Chattha, a Pakistani novelist, playwright, and spiritualist. Qudsia Ali, a Pakistani actress.
  • Popularity: Qudsia is popular in Pakistan and made the top 1,000 names in Afghanistan in 2014.

Exotic, Radiant, Religious


Qudwah is the perfect example — literally! It means “ideal” or “exemplar.” Parents who want their daughter to set a good example for others might want to consider Qudwah. It’s also a good Islamic option for those who wish to express their faith.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Exemplar, ideal
  • Pronunciation: KUUD-wuh
  • Variations: Qudwa, Qodwah, Qodwa
  • Popularity: There is one known bearer of Qudwah worldwide, making it extremely rare.

Sturdy, Radiant, Exotic

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This is one case where Que isn’t the Spanish word for “what.” Instead, Que or Qué is a Catalan variant of Quer, meaning “rock” or “cliff.” It also has English and Chinese roots. The latter stems from Quetang, a Chinese city, or a Mandarin form of a surname meaning (a palace gate) “watchtower/rampart.” Que’s main appeal is its simplicity.

  • Origin: English, Catalan, Chinese
  • Meaning: Rock, cliff, palace watchtower/rampart
  • Pronunciation: KEHY, KAY
  • Variations: Qué
  • Namesakes: Angelo Que, an award-winning Filipino professional golfer.
  • Popularity: Que usually ranks in the top 1,000 names in Vietnam.

Strong, Popular, Sturdy


Quebec falls into the category of city names like London, Brooklyn, or Florence. Although slightly rarer, Quebec has been a Filipino Spanish habitational surname for some time. Quebec is a Francophone Canadian province, but the word derives from the Native American Algonquin word “kepec” (narrows). Honor your culture or inspire your daughter to see the world with Quebec.

  • Origin: French, Spanish, Native American
  • Meaning: Narrow passage, straight
  • Pronunciation: kwuh-BEHK, kwih-BEHK, KAY-behk
  • Variations: Québec
  • Popularity: Quebec is rare as a forename, with less than 50 bearers worldwide.

Modern, Unique, Cool


For Anglophones, Queen is one of the most classic Q names for girls. It’s falling out of favor in the West but ranks in the top 1,000 names in Nigeria and several other African nations. Queen ultimately comes from the Old English word “cwen,” meaning “woman, wife.” Introduce your royal baby the right way with Queen.

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Wife, woman, queen
  • Pronunciation: KWEEN
  • Namesakes: Queen Celestine, a Nigerian model and beauty pageant titleholder. Queen Hazarika, an Indian singer and actress. Queen Nwokoye, a Nigerian actress.
  • Popularity: Queen peaked on U.S. charts in 1907 at 369th and was 965th in 2020.

Strong, Old-fashioned, Popular


Queenie is a vintage diminutive of Queen. It comes from the Old English root “cwen,” meaning “woman, wife.” Queenie might be a good pick if you’re looking for a cuter version of this aristocratic moniker. It’s considered vintage, but that just allows your daughter to stand out even more.

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Woman, wife, queen, royal lady
  • Pronunciation: KWEE-nee
  • Variations: Queeny
  • Namesakes: Queenie Chu, also Wai Man Chu, a Hong Kong TV presenter and actress. Queenie Smith, an American actress. Queenie Rosson, an American silent film actress.
  • Popularity: In 1905, Queenie peaked on U.S. charts at 545th and last ranked in 1927 at 948th.

Old-fashioned, Popular, Beautiful


Queeva might look strange initially, but it’s far from a made-up trend. This is the Anglicized form of the Irish name Caoimhe, meaning “beautiful” and “beloved.” It comes from the root “caomh” (dear/beloved/gentle). Every beautiful baby girl is the apple of her parents’ eyes. That’s why Queeva is perfect!

  • Origin: Irish, English
  • Meaning: Dear, gentle, beloved
  • Pronunciation: KWEEV-ah
  • Variations: Caoimhe, Kweeva, Keeva, Kiva
  • Popularity: Queeva is an extremely rare variant that doesn’t appear on popularity charts.

Unique, Soothing, Modern


Quella comes from Quilla, a diminutive of Tranquilla. This stems from the Latin word “tranquillus” (quiet, still, calm). Quella is most commonly used in America but is still extremely rare. If you’re hoping for peace and quiet, you can’t go wrong with Quella.

  • Origin: English, Italian, Latin
  • Meaning: Quiet, to quell
  • Pronunciation: KWEH-luh, KWEH-yah
  • Variations: Quilla
  • Popularity: Quella has less than 100 bearers worldwide.

Unique, Soothing, Beautiful


Quenbie is an adorable-sounding pick but doesn’t get much spotlight. It’s a variant of the more popular Old English given name, Quenby. The “ie” ending helps this version feel more casual.

  • Origin: Old English
  • Meaning: Queen’s settlement
  • Pronunciation: KWEN-bee
  • Variations: Quenby
  • Popularity: Quenbie doesn’t make the U.S. top 1,000 names.

Cool, Sturdy, Unique


Although Quenby might be of uncertain origin, it is most likely derived from Old English and means “Queen’s settlement.” Others suggest it’s a variant of the habitational name Quarmby. This comes from the Old Norse elements “kvern” (millstone/hand mill) and “býr” (farmstead).

  • Origin: Old English
  • Meaning: Queen’s settlement
  • Pronunciation: KWEN-bee
  • Variations: Quenbie
  • Namesakes: Quenby Olson, an American author.
  • Popularity: With just under 100 bearers worldwide, Quenby is most popular in the U.S.

Old-fashioned, Sturdy, Cool


Quenilda is a form of the medieval Cwénhild. This is a combination of the Old English elements “cwen,” meaning “woman, wife” and “queen,” with “hild,” meaning “battle.” Quenilda will let the world know that your daughter isn’t just a pretty princess but a fighter.

  • Origin: Anglo-Saxon
  • Meaning: Battle woman
  • Pronunciation: KWEN-ihl-duh
  • Variations: Cwenhild, Cwenhilde, Quenell, Quenilla
  • Popularity: Quenilda is the most popular name in Brazil where there are about nine known bearers.

Unique, Old-fashioned, Strong


Looking for a truly authentic Hispanic option? Queralt stems from a Spanish sanctuary dedicated to the Virgin Mary. It means “high rock” in Catalan. Pious parents might appreciate the religious reference, along with its implication of strength and safety.

  • Origin: Catalan
  • Meaning: High rock
  • Pronunciation: keh-RAL, kuh-RAL, keh-RALT, kuh-RALT
  • Namesakes: Queralt Ibáñez, a Spanish award-winning snowboarder. Queralt Casas Carreras, a Spanish women’s basketball player.
  • Popularity: In Catalonia, Queralt last ranked 70th in 2020, and in Spain, it ranked 206th in 2010.

Sturdy, Exotic, Popular

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Querida is a sweet way to call your baby girl “beloved, dear” in Spanish. There are only about 398 bearers worldwide, so it’s extra special. Why not consider this gorgeous option as you stare lovingly into your darling daughter’s eyes?

  • Origin: Spanish
  • Meaning: Beloved, dear
  • Pronunciation: keh-REE-dah, keh-REE-duh
  • Popularity: Querida is most popular in the U.S., but doesn’t make the top 1,000 names.

Melodious, Soothing, Beautiful


Bring your search for the best girl names with Q full circle with Quest. It stems from the Latin “questa,” meaning “inquiry, search,” or “quaerere,” meaning “to ask, to seek.” It’s usually more popular for boys but works just as well for a tomboy. Send your little explorer into the world with Quest.

  • Origin: English, Latin
  • Meaning: Search, inquiry
  • Pronunciation: KWEHS, KWEHST
  • Namesakes: Quest Couch, an American writer, designer, and inventor.
  • Popularity: In 2020, Quest neared the top 1,000 names in the U.S.

Magical, Modern, Cool


Questa is Latin and means “inquiry” or “search.” It’s used in Italian, English, and Spanish. Unlike its unisex counterpart, Quest, this one is strictly for girls. Among the indigenous Eastern Indian Santal, Questa fittingly means “journey.” Help your baby girl find herself with the intriguing Questa.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Search, seeking, inquiry
  • Pronunciation: KWES-ta, KWES-tuh
  • Popularity: Questa is most common in the U.S., although it doesn’t make the top 1,000 names.

Modern, Unique, Exotic


Quetta started as a nickname derived from Enriqueta. Hence, it means “home-ruler.” Despite a similar spelling, Quetta is not to be confused with Quetta, a variant of the Pashto “kwatkōṭ” or “kōta,” meaning “fortress.” Both have their appeal, though.

  • Origin: Mexican, Portuguese
  • Meaning: Home ruler, head of the household
  • Pronunciation: KEH-ta, KAY-ta
  • Namesakes: Enriqueta Margarita Lavat Bayona, known professionally as Queta Lavat, a Mexican actress.
  • Popularity: Queta has about 4,587 bearers worldwide, mainly in Angola.

Sturdy, Exotic, Modern


Quetzal is an Indigenous American pick. It comes from the Nahuatl word “quetzalli” (feather of the quetzal bird/quetzal feather/beautiful feather). The figurative meaning is “something beautiful/precious.” Fittingly, Quetzal is a real bird native to South America, Guatemala, and Mexico. Why not go with Quetzal before it flies too far into the spotlight?

  • Origin: Nahuatl
  • Meaning: Quetzal feather, precious thing, beautiful feather
  • Pronunciation: KEHT-sal
  • Variations: Quetzalli
  • Popularity: Quetzal is pretty popular in Puerto Rico and is also used in Mexico.

Unique, Cool, Popular


Quetzalli comes from the Indigenous American Nahuatl language. It means “quetzal feather,” “precious feather,” and “beautiful feather.” Quetzalli might be unusual for English-speakers, but it would be right at home in South America.

  • Origin: Nahuatl
  • Meaning: Quetzal feather, precious thing, beautiful feather
  • Pronunciation: keht-SA-lee
  • Variations: Quetzal
  • Popularity: With about 505 bearers internationally, Quetzalli is most common in Mexico.

Beautiful, Exotic, Magical


Quetzalxochitl is Native American and derived from the Aztec culture. It means “feather flower” or “precious flower” in Nahuatl. It is a combination of “quetzalli” (quetzal feather/precious thing) and “xochitl” (flower). Despite its length, it’s not that difficult after a few tries. Let your precious daughter bloom with this indigenous choice.

  • Origin: Nahuatl
  • Meaning: Feather flower, precious flower
  • Pronunciation: KEHT-sal-SHOH-cheetl
  • Variations: Quetzalxoch
  • Popularity: Quetzalxochitl is extremely rare with about two known bearers in Mexico.

Complex, Beautiful, Melodious


Not only is Quezella rare, its meaning and origin are uncertain. Quezella may be an invented name, which would make it quite contemporary. Some suggest it means “zealous.” Nicknames include Zella and Ella.

  • Origin: English
  • Meaning: Zealous
  • Pronunciation: kweh-ZEH-luh
  • Popularity: There are about three recorded bearers of Quezella in the U.S.

Modern, Unique, Sturdy


Quiana is a form of the modern Qiana. It comes from a silk-like material developed by Du Pont. It was quite popular in its heyday but has since disappeared from the charts, perhaps in favor of the similarly pronounced Kiana.

  • Origin: African American
  • Meaning: Silky
  • Pronunciation: kee-AH-nuh
  • Variations: Qiana, Quianna
  • Namesakes: Quiana Grant, an American model. Quiana Lynell, an American singer-songwriter and arranger.
  • Popularity: Quiana is most popular in the U.S., where it peaked on the charts in 1979 at 571st.

Beautiful, Modern, Soothing


Quica isn’t just a type of possum. This is a shortened form of Francisca or Frederica, meaning “Frenchman” and “peaceful ruler,” respectively. If you’re a fan of these classic options but want something more fresh, try the unique Quica. Possum fanatics might give you funny looks, though.

  • Origin: Spanish, Portuguese
  • Meaning: Frenchman, peaceful ruler
  • Pronunciation: KEE-kuh
  • Variations: Kika
  • Popularity: Quica is most popular in Portugal, but is rare worldwide.

Melodious, Radiant, Soothing

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Quieta is taken from the Latin word “quietus,” meaning “quiet.” Quieta already sounds peaceful, belonging to a saint from Dijon, France. Although rare worldwide, it is most popular in Liberia, Trinidad and Tobago, and the U.S.

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: Quiet, calm
  • Pronunciation: kee-EH-ta, kwee-EH-ta
  • Variations: Quiéta
  • Popularity: Quieta is quite rare, with about 39 bearers internationally.

Beautiful, Unique, Soothing


Quile is both African American and a feminine derivative of the masculine Aragonese Quílez, a form of Cyriacus (of the lord). The meaning is uncertain in English, but “bliss” has been suggested. Quile is a joyful Hispanic and English option.

  • Origin: English, Aragonese
  • Meaning: Happiness, bliss, of the lord
  • Pronunciation: KWEYEL, KWIHL
  • Popularity: Quile is extremely rare and limited to the U.S. and a handful of Portuguese and Spanish-speaking territories.

Radiant, Religious, Exotic


Quilene is likely a diminutive of Aquilene (eagle), a variant of Aquiline, or a variant of Queline from Jacqueline. Some also suggest it’s a combination of Quinn with names like Helene or Marlene. Regardless, Quilene is a bit more contemporary than its roots.

  • Origin: Afrikaans, Dutch, English
  • Meaning: Eagle, supplanter
  • Pronunciation: kee-LAY-nuh, KWIH-leen
  • Variations: Queline, Quileen, Quiline, Queleen, Quelene
  • Popularity: Quilene doesn’t make the top 1,000 names in the U.S.

Beautiful, Strong, Unique


Quill is a cool unisex pick that’s more often a surname. It’s a short form of the French-derived Quillian or Quiller and an Anglicized Irish surname meaning “wood, hazel tree.” In English, Quill is the word for a “feather pen” and a term for a “spine.” It stems from the Middle English “quil” (fragment of reed/feather shaft).

  • Origin: English, Irish
  • Meaning: Shaft of a feather, fragment of reed, forest, wood
  • Pronunciation: KWIHL
  • Variations: Quille
  • Popularity: Quill is most common in the U.S., but with about 149 bearers worldwide, it’s quite rare.

Modern, Sturdy, Cool


Quilla is an American diminutive of the Italian and Spanish Tranquilla and the Roman Aquila. It’s also the Hispanic form of Killa, a moon goddess in Incan mythology. Thus, in Quechua, it means “mother moon.” Quilla has many majestic and serene meanings for parents to choose from.

  • Origin: Spanish, Incan, English, Latin
  • Meaning: Mother moon, calm, quiet, eagle
  • Pronunciation: KWIH-luh, KIHL-ya
  • Variations: Quila, Killa, Kilya
  • Namesakes: Jennifer Allen, stage name Quilla Constance, a British artist. Anna Luisa Daigneault, stage name Quilla, a Canadian singer-songwriter and DJ.
  • Popularity: Quilla has about 334 bearers worldwide, with the majority found in the U.S.

Religious, Soothing, Strong


Quincy is far more popular for boys as it started as a masculine name. However, in modern times, it has increased in popularity for girls. It stems from the Norman-English toponymic (from a location) surname de Quincy (of Quincy). Ultimately, it is derived from the Latin given name Quintus (fifth).

  • Origin: English, Norman
  • Meaning: Fifth
  • Pronunciation: KWIHN-see
  • Variations: Quincee, Quincey, Quinci
  • Namesakes: Quincy Davis, an American surfer. Quincy Coleman, an American singer-songwriter and the daughter of actor Dabney Wharton Coleman.
  • Popularity: Quincy doesn’t make the U.S. top 1,000 names for girls but last ranked 665th in 2022 for boys.

Radiant, Modern, Cool


Quinevere is an eye-catching variant of Guinevere, the Norman French form of the Welsh girl name Gwenhwyfar. Rooted in the Celtic elements “windos” (white) and “sebros” (magical being/phantom), it means “white phantom/fairy. With Quinevere, you can use nicknames like Quin, Quinny, or Vera.

  • Origin: English, Welsh
  • Meaning: White phantom, white fairy
  • Pronunciation: KWIHN-uh-vihr, KWIHN-uh-vair
  • Variations: Guinevere
  • Popularity: There is one recorded bearer of Quinevere in the U.S.

Beautiful, Modern, Magical


Quinleigh is likely a combination of Quin (head, chief, reason) and Leigh (meadow, clearing). But it’s also a variant spelling of Quinley, which either comes from the Scottish McKinley or the Irish Mcquinnelly. McKinley means “son of the white warrior,” while Mcquinnelly means “son of the one faithful to pledges.”

  • Origin: English, Irish, Scottish
  • Meaning: Chief meadow, of the white warrior
  • Pronunciation: KWIN-lee
  • Variations: Quinley
  • Popularity: There is one recorded bearer of Quinleigh in South Africa.

Modern, Strong, Unique


Quinley is a “Q” surname turned given name. It comes from the Scottish Gaelic McKinley, meaning “white warrior,” a combination of the Old Irish “finn” (white, blessed) and “láech” (warrior). Quinley could also be a shortened form of the Irish Mcquinnelly, an Anglicized form of Mac Coingheallaigh or Ó Coingheallaigh.

  • Origin: English, Irish, Scottish
  • Meaning: Of the white warrior, of the one faithful to pledges
  • Pronunciation: KWIN-lee, KIN-lee
  • Variations: Quinleigh
  • Namesakes: Quinley Quezada-Keča, a professional women’s football player.
  • Popularity: Quinley is most popular in the U.S., but it doesnt crack the top 1,000 names.

Strong, Cool, Radiant


Quinn is a common pick among female names that start with Q, especially in English-speaking territories. It comes from the Irish Gaelic surname Ó Cuinn, from the Old Irish word “conn” (sense/reason) or “cenn” (chief/head). Quinn works for both boys and girls. As a feminine option, it feels cooler and laid-back.

  • Origin: Irish, English
  • Meaning: Chief, reason, wise, son of Conn
  • Pronunciation: KWIHN
  • Variations: Quin
  • Namesakes: Quinn Gleason, an American professional tennis player. Quinn Dupree, an American rapper, DJ, and singer. Quinn Norton, an American journalist and essayist.
  • Popularity: Quinn peaked on the U.S. charts in 2022 at 73rd for girls.

Cool, Modern, Popular

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Quinta is a female form of the Latin Quintus, meaning “fifth.” It’s used in Portuguese and is fairly popular among girl names that start with Q. If your girl is the fifth egg in your basket, consider the cheerful-sounding Quinta.

  • Origin: Portuguese, Latin
  • Meaning: The fifth
  • Pronunciation: KEEn-tah, KWIN-tuh
  • Namesakes: Quinta Brunson, an American producer, actress, and comedian known for ABC’s Abbott Elementary.
  • Popularity: Quinta has about 9,537 bearers worldwide.

Melodious, Exotic, Popular


In Spanish, Quintana means “country house,” while in English, it’s used as a feminine form of Quentin or Quintin. Ultimately, this would make it a derivative of the Latin Quintus (fifth). Though Quintana is famously the daughter of American author Joan Didion, it’s also an Antarctic island. Despite its ties, it’s still quite rare.

  • Origin: English, Spanish
  • Meaning: The fifth, country house
  • Pronunciation: kwin-TA-nuh, kwin-TON-uh, keen-TA-na
  • Namesakes: Quintana Roo Dunne, the daughter of American writers Joan Didion and John Gregory Dunne.
  • Popularity: Quintana has about 462 bearers worldwide.

Exotic, Radiant, Unique


Quintella is a feminine version of the Latin Quintus, meaning “fifth.” This is an English diminutive-style epithet that doesn’t get much play. You can use the cool nickname Quin or the elegant Ella.

  • Origin: English, Latin
  • Meaning: Little fifth
  • Pronunciation: KWIN-teh-luh
  • Variations: Quintela
  • Popularity: Quintella is most popular in the U.S., with about 626 bearers internationally.

Beautiful, Unique, Modern


Quintessa combines the Latin Quintus meaning “(the) fifth” and Tessa from the Spanish and Portuguese Teresa. Teresa likely means “summer” or “harvester.” This interesting combination might be unusual, but it has a famous bearer to back it up.

  • Origin: English, Latin
  • Meaning: Fifth summer, fifth harvester
  • Pronunciation: kwin-TEH-suh
  • Namesakes: Quintessa Swindell, an American actress.
  • Popularity: There are about 163 bearers of Quintessa worldwide, with the majority in the U.S.

Soothing, Beautiful, Unique


Quintina is a feminine form of the Roman cognomen Quintinus, derived from Quintus. It’s fairly popular and finds use in English and Spanish-speaking territories. If you’re considering Quintina, why not try out the nicknames Tina, Quin, or Tee?

  • Origin: Latin
  • Meaning: The fifth
  • Pronunciation: kwin-TEE-nah
  • Popularity: Quintina is most popular in the U.S. and Peru, with about 9,065 bearers worldwide.

Melodious, Beautiful, Exotic


Quirina is a pretty female form of the Latin Quirinus. It likely originates from the Sabine word “quiris,” meaning “spear,” and is used figuratively to mean “warrior.” Quirina should feel trendy as it’s often used in Spanish and Portuguese territories. Give your baby girl an epithet fit for a battle princess.

  • Origin: Latin, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish
  • Meaning: Spear
  • Pronunciation: KEE-ree-na, kwih-REE-nuh
  • Namesakes: Quirina Luna-Geary, a Native American Tamien Nation chairwoman. Quirina Alippi-Fabretti, an Italian painter. Quirina Magiotti di Montevarchi, an Italian noblewoman.
  • Popularity: Quirina is most popular in Mexico, with about 6,306 bearers worldwide.

Strong, Exotic, Radiant


Quirine is the Dutch feminine form of the Latin Quirinus, likely from the Sabine word “quiris,” meaning “spear.” It’s common in Dutch territories like the Netherlands but hasn’t yet had a big break in the West. It’s quite elegant sounding. Parents with a preference for strong names with flair should try out Quirine.

  • Origin: Dutch, Latin
  • Meaning: Spear
  • Pronunciation: kwee-REE-nuh
  • Variations: Quirina
  • Namesakes: Quirine Lemoine, a Dutch tennis player.
  • Popularity: Quirine is most common in the Netherlands but falls short of the top 1,000 names there.

Beautiful, Radiant, Strong


Quisett looks like a mash-up of cassette and quiche. It’s even derived from a place name taken from the Old French word “quisse,” meaning “thigh.” It may have entered the English language through the Middle English “quishete.” Despite the strange meaning, Quisett feels pretty cute.

  • Origin: Old French, Old English
  • Meaning: Thigh
  • Pronunciation: KWEE-set, KEES-eht
  • Popularity: Quisett doesn’t show up on popularity charts.

Old-fashioned, Unique, Beautiful


Quispe is a Hispanicized form of the Southern Quechua words “qispi,” meaning “free,” and “q’ispi,” meaning “glass.” Quispe has become a common Native American surname and a rare given name. Perhaps your baby girl is as delicate as glass, or you wish to see her follow her dreams no matter what. Either way, why not give Quispe a try?

  • Origin: Indigenous American, Quechua
  • Meaning: Free, glass
  • Pronunciation: KEES-pay
  • Namesakes: Quispe Sisa, also called Inés Huaylas Yupanqui, an Inca princess.
  • Popularity: Quispe is most common in Bolivia but is extremely rare worldwide.

Exotic, Radiant, Cool


Quiteria is a musical epithet with an uncertain meaning. Some claim it is a form of Kythereia, meaning “woman from Cythera.” It is noted for the 2nd-century Saint Quiteria of Iberia.

  • Origin: Spanish, Latin
  • Meaning: Woman from Cythera
  • Pronunciation: kih-TEH-ree-a, kih-TEH-rya
  • Variations: Kythereia
  • Namesakes: Quiteria, a 2nd-century Roman virgin martyr and saint.
  • Popularity: Quiteria is most popular in Brazil and Mozambique, usually making the top 1,000 names.

Melodious, Exotic, Strong

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Quitterie is a super cute French form of the Spanish Quiteria. This is ultimately a form of the Latin Kythereia meaning “woman from Cythera.” Parents who adore cozy French nicknames could give this one a try.

  • Origin: French, Latin
  • Meaning: Woman from Cythera
  • Pronunciation: KEE-tuh-ree
  • Variations: Quiteria
  • Popularity: Quitterie is most popular in France, but doesn’t make the top 1,000 names there.

Beautiful, Melodious, Unique


Qumri is an Arabic feminine option from the Uzbek word for “turtledove.” It’s most popular in Azerbaijan and remains rare despite its lovely meaning. Qumri is likely to be more common among Islamic communities but can be enjoyed by parents worldwide.

  • Origin: Uzbek, Arabic
  • Meaning: Turtledove
  • Pronunciation: koom-REE, kuum-REE
  • Variations: Qumry, Qomri
  • Popularity: With about 20 bearers worldwide, Qumri is quite rare.

Exotic, Soothing, Unique


You probably thought about the popular internet question-and-answer forum when you saw Quora on the list. This Quora, however, is a variant of Cora, a Latinized form of Kore (the maiden). Kore was a goddess of vegetation from antiquity, also known as Persephone and Despoina.

  • Origin: English, Greek
  • Meaning: Maiden
  • Pronunciation: KAW-ruh, KWAR-uh
  • Variations: Cora
  • Popularity: Quora is extremely rare worldwide, with less than ten bearers.

Soothing, Unique, Sturdy


Quorra is both an invented name for the movie TRON and possibly a variant of Quora from Cora. Ultimately, it would derive from the Latin deity Kore, meaning “the maiden.” Whether you’re referencing the beautiful sci-fi love interest or a Greek goddess, Quorra will undoubtedly turn heads.

  • Origin: English, Greek
  • Meaning: Maiden
  • Pronunciation: KAW-ruh, KWAR-uh
  • Popularity: There are about five known bearers of Quorra worldwide.

Unique, Soothing


Quratulain has many transliterations in English as it’s originally an Arabic moniker. Meaning “solace” and “consolation/coolness of the eyes,” it can also be written as Qurat-ul-Ain or Qurratu’l-`Ayn. This Quranic pick implies a child who brings joy and relief to her parents. Most parents can relate.

  • Origin: Arabic
  • Meaning: Happiness, delight, solace
  • Pronunciation: kur-at-ul-AYN
  • Namesakes: Quratulain Balouch, or Qurat-ul-Ain Balouch, a Pakistani-American singer-songwriter. Qurratulain Hyder, an Indian Urdu author, academic, and journalist.
  • Popularity: Quratulain is the most popular in Pakistan, with about 2,785 bearers worldwide.

Complex, Religious, Radiant


Qurra is an Arabic and Persian epithet meaning “solace, consolation,” “comfort.” This symbolizes a child who brings happiness and comfort to her parents by taking away sadness and worry. As a surname, it comes from the root “qarar,” meaning “decision.” Qurra is perfect for a decision as important as this one.

  • Origin: Arabic, Persian
  • Meaning: Comfort, solace, joy, decision
  • Pronunciation: KOO-ra
  • Variations: Qurrah
  • Popularity: Qurra is most prevalent in Pakistan, but doesn’t make the top 1,000 names there.

Radiant, Sturdy, Exotic


This invented African American epithet was first given to the actress Quvenzhané Wallis. It’s a combination of her parents’ names and “zhané,” a variation of the Swahili word “jini” (fairy). If you’re worried about the accent, some parents spell Quvenzhané without it and keep the pronunciation.

  • Origin: African American
  • Meaning: Fairy
  • Pronunciation: kwuh-VEHN-zhuh-nay
  • Namesakes: Quvenzhané Wallis, an American actress known for starring in Beasts of the Southern Wild.
  • Popularity: Quvenzhané doesn’t show up on popularity charts.

Magical, Complex, Modern


Quý is the Vietnamese version of the Chinese for “turtle,” but also means “valuable, precious.” Without the accent, it likely refers to the English Quy. This is a habitational surname from the Old English elements “cū” (cow) and “ēg” (island).

  • Origin: Vietnamese, Old English
  • Meaning: Precious, valuable, cow island
  • Pronunciation: gWEE, WEE, KWEE
  • Popularity: Quy is highly popular in Vietnam.

Exotic, Sturdy, Popular


Quyên is easy enough to say despite the accent. It’s used as a given name and surname stemming from the Sino-Vietnamese character 娟 (quyên), meaning “beautiful” and “graceful.” Although it can be written in several ways, the spelling Quyền is masculine and means “power, authority.” The Anglicized version comes without any accents.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Graceful, beautiful
  • Pronunciation: KOO-yen, KOO-yin
  • Namesakes: Quyên Hoàng Lệ, a Vietnamese singer. Quyen T. Nguyen, an American surgeon-scientist and university professor.
  • Popularity: Quyên is most commonly used in Vietnam.

Melodious, Soothing, Exotic


Quỳnh comes from the Sino-Vietnamese character 瓊 (quỳnh), meaning “deep red,” the Vietnamese word for a type of flowering plant. Floral girl names are popular in every generation, but this one is quite exotic. Plus, it paints an intense image of crimson red — the color of love.

  • Origin: Vietnamese
  • Meaning: Deep red
  • Pronunciation: WUN, KWIN, WIN, KWING
  • Namesakes: Quỳnh Anh Phạm, a Vietnamese singer. Quynh Anh Pham, a Vietnamese-Belgian singer.
  • Popularity: Quỳnh is most popular in Singapore and has about 294 bearers internationally.

Exotic, Strong, Complex

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