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About Calhoun Outlet Marketplace® (3)

455 Belwood Rd, Calhoun, GA 30701

Center Information

Calhoun Outlet Marketplace is located along the I-75 corridor in the Historic High Country of Northwest Georgia, in Calhoun, GA. Just off Exit 312, our outdoor center is 45 minutes south of Chattanooga & 1 hour north of Atlanta. Our location is ideal for anyone heading either direction on I-75 and is convenient to the area communities of Adairsville, Cartersville, Dalton, & Rome. Stop in for a quick visit or make a day of it and shop our 50+ stores where you can enjoy savings of 25%-65% everyday on apparel, accessories, tools, & more. Store-front parking is available at your favorite stores such as Nike Factory Store, Polo Ralph Lauren Factory Store, American Eagle Outfitters, and Coach just to name a few. If you need a break from shopping, visit Java Junction for a cup of their coffee or hand dipped ice cream or visit our newest eatery, S&J Events & Cafe for a light lunch or desserts. From the entire team at Calhoun Outlet Marketplace, we hope to see you soon.



Mall Management

CALL (706) 602-1305

Shopping Line

CALL (706) 602-1305

Outlet Security

CALL (706) 263-6929

Directions & Transportation

By Car

I-75 at GA Exit 312

North from Atlanta, GA: I-75 to exit 312.Turn right. Turn right on Outlet CenterDrive. Entrance is 1/2-mile on right.

South from Chattanooga, TN: I-75 to Exit312. Turn left. Turn right on Outlet CenterDrive. Entrance is 1/2-mile on right.

Please visit zipcar.com for information.

By Shuttle

Chattanooga Shopper Shuttle
Shuttle service is available from the Chattanooga Choo-Choo, The Chattanoogan Hotel, The DoubleTree Chattanooga, Marriott Hotel and Convention Center and the Sheraton - Read House in downtown Chattanooga, TN. Call Millenium Taxi and Transportation at (423) 267-2008 for schedule, rates and reservations.



Over a dozen accessible parkingareas throughout the center for your convenience

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AED's are located at the north & south ends of the center and with the Security vehicle.

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Located in Suite 14

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Baby Changing Stations are located in both men's & women's restroomsin the restrooms locatedin Suite 14 & Suite 87.

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co*ke vending machines are located throughout the center.

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An area available for dog walking is to the south of the main entrance in the grassy area.

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EV charging station, electric recharging point, charging point and EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) are an important part of supporting plug-in electric vehicles, including all-electric cars, neighborhood electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids.

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Order your travel money online for convenient home delivery. Did you know that some Simon center locations also include retail Travelex stores for your convenience. Travelex is the world's largest retail foreign currency exchange specialist, with over 1000 stores around the world. We can provide you with over 75 foreign currencies as well as a Cash Passport that can be pre-loaded with either Pounds or Euros and includes chip & PIN technology, a must when traveling in Europe.

U.S. Post Office Mailbox is availablein Suite 14.

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Calhoun Outlet Marketplace proudly supports those that serve, their families, and our veterans. There are three premium reserved Military & Veterans parking spaces throughout the center: one located in the northeast corner of the center by Suite 14, and two located in front of the courtyard area next to Carter's. In addition, to receive special discount offers, show your valid military ID at participating retailers. Look for the patriotic star on their window!

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Two locations - located in Suite 14 and Suite 87

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Outside of Suite 14.

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Our Security Office is located in Suite 14.

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The Simon Mobile App can help you find your favorite stores, dining and entertainment options at the Simon shopping center nearest you. You'll also be able to check out the latest deals, news and events available at your favorite center right from your smartphone or tablet. And there are many more features designed to enhance your shopping experience including mall maps, gift card balance check and more. Download the free app from your favorite app store.

All Simon Malls, Mills and Premium Outlets in the U.S. have achieved the national 'StormReady' designation by the National Weather Service. This designation recognizes Simon centers' preparedness to handle all types of severe and potentially life-threatening weather situations.

We offer free wireless internet to our shoppers at this Simon shopping center. Any shopper with a Wi-Fi enabled laptop, tablet or smartphone can easily log onto the Wi-Fi network. All shoppers have to do is open their web browser or select "#Free Simon Wi-Fi" (the SSID name) from their available list of wireless networks to get to the Simon Malls Wi-Fi landing page. All shoppers that choose to use the Wi-Fi network at this mall must agree to Simon Wi-Fi Terms & Conditions of Use prior to using this free service.

About Calhoun Outlet Marketplace® (14)

About Calhoun Outlet Marketplace® (15)

About Calhoun Outlet Marketplace® (16)

About Calhoun Outlet Marketplace® (17)

About Calhoun Outlet Marketplace® (18)

About Calhoun Outlet Marketplace® (19)

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About Calhoun Outlet Marketplace® (2024)


Why do outlets have cheaper prices? ›

You might assume that you are buying the same name-brand products without the big price tag, but this usually is not true. That's right: modern-day outlet stores primarily sell different, lower-quality products than the regular retail stores, made specifically for the outlet to be sold at lower prices.

Which is the biggest premium outlet in USA? ›

With bragging rights as the largest outlet and value retail shopping destination in the United States, Sawgrass Mills, located in Sunrise, Fla., offers all of the above.

What is the difference between outlet and factory store? ›

The phrases “factory store” and “outlet” are used synonymously, but are different. A factory store will typically sell a single brand of merchandise and is owned by the manufacturer of that brand. An outlet is often run by a retailer. The retailer may sell more than one brand.

What is the difference between retail and outlet stores? ›

Outlet vs retail stores

The key difference between an outlet store and a retail store is price. Outlet stores offer you a lower price and everyday bargains. Whereas at brands' stores, they sell the items at retail price, only discounting during specific sale seasons or special events.

What is the outlet price? ›

Retail means full price. Outlet means off price. Off price means excess, slow moving, obsolete and discontinued inventory. Sometimes, it means factory-seconds (imperfect goods produced, but still sellable).

Is it worth going to an outlet? ›

It's money-wasting." Aside from the possibility you could end up buying things you don't need, Ramsey also cautions that in some cases, brands manufacture cheaper goods specifically for the outlets, so you may not be getting the same quality of product you'd get if you paid full price at a traditional store.

What is a premium outlet? ›

Premium Outlets is a portfolio of outlet shopping centers that brings together the finest brands in a unique outdoor setting and offers impressive savings of up to 65% off every day. Each center is a shopping attraction and destination in its own right offering: Factory-direct savings up to 65% off every day.

What is the difference between a premium outlet and a mall? ›

Outlet malls look like normal retail malls but are not quite as upscale. They have fewer amenities, are typically built with outside access to all of the stores, and rarely offer movies or standalone restaurants. Outlet malls do offer a more modern look than a warehouse outlet, many stores and even new merchandise.

What is the advantage of a factory outlet store? ›

Outlet stores offer discounts on products that are often as much as 50-70% off the original price. This is because the products are usually overstocked, discontinued, or have some minor defects that make them unsellable in regular retail stores.

How to tell if Kate Spade is outlet? ›

The main difference between Kate Spade outlet and the Kate Spade boutique items is firstly, the price. Kate Spade outlet purses are much less expensive than what you'll see on the Kate Spade website. The lower cost is due to lower quality materials and less emphasis on details like the logo, metal feet, etc.

Is Coach factory outlet Online authentic? ›

Authentic Coach products are sold by Coach retail and outlet stores and online at www.coach.com, www.coachoutlet.com, world.coach.com or at authorized department stores and specialty stores.

Why do outlet stores exist? ›

Outlets first appeared in the eastern United States in the 1930s. Factory stores started to offer damaged or excess goods to employees at a low price. After some time, the audience expanded to include non-employees.

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