Cannot join servers for very long before getting kicked out and getting a "battleye error" message. (2024)

I've been doing searches on this issue over the past 2 weeks and I've seen people get this error on Reddit, the official Dayz forum, and other places like YouTube. I've followed their advice with troubleshooting on what to do to fix this, but I cant seem to fix this issue where I would join a modded namalsk server, usually "Dayone namalsk," and regardless if Im using the vanilla launcher or DZSA. I would load into the game correctly, but within about 2-4 minutes I would get kicked out of the game and get a "batteye error" message.

I have a good gaming PC, and have the game on an SSD that is not full (about 350gb unused space). My desktop PC is connected using an ethernet wired connection via Tmobile internet. For those who don't know, the Tmobile gateway uses 5g waves from a cell tower to give my devices internet. I know that this can be sketchy in terms of consistency in internet quality and can cause lag spikes, for example, if a lot of people are connecting to the tower, including phones at certain "Internet traffic peak hours", it can cause slowdowns and lag. From what I've heard as well, Tmobile internet users are lower in priority compared to cellphone users in certain situations, which is pretty frustrating if this is the case.

First I wanted to rule out that this could be a mod error, dayz bad install or missing files, hardware issue BEFORE I establish that this is related to internet connection lag.
I already:

* fully uninstalled the game, including mods (unsubscribing the workshop mods), making sure to delete any dayz and battleye related folders in my system.
* i made sure that dayz / battleye was not blocked by the windows defender firewall.
* when I reinstalled I made sure to do the basic things correct by setting a profile name in the parameters of the launcher
* I made sure that the "enable battleye software" is checked and enabled.
* some people recommend to go into the battleye folder and run the "uninstall battleye" .bat file, and then run the "install battleye" file. I did this but it made no difference.
* I verified the integrity of the game files, I did this multiple times throughout the troubleshooting attempts
* I set the DZSA and game to open as admin, but this made no difference.

After reinstalling the game I re-downloaded the mods and after that finished I attempted to join a modded namalsk server. Same battleye error and kick as before within 2 - 4 minutes of joining into the server. I tested this multiple different dayz servers, usually on Namalsk. I did many tests on a 127 population namalsk server (usually always maxed out in the middle of the day). I alternated between the vanilla launcher and DZSA, but it didn't make a difference.

Another test I did was that i wanted to see if this problem was map-specific, so i went onto another modded map called Alteria and this server was also almost completely full with 127 players. I join in, no problem and the weird part is that I never got kicked out. I made sure to stay onto the server for 20+ minutes and i never felt rubber-banding or hiccups, no disruptions or kicks. Of course now im starting to wonder if this is mod related. But i dont know how to proceed with this considering I already uninstalled the mods and the full game just before this, and I made sure to verify integrity of game files to make sure every file matches. I later tried a Livonia server that was mostly full, about 50/60 players and I got kicked within 5 minutes of joining with the same battleye error. I attempted to reconnect to the same Livonia server for a 2nd time and this time I got a "unstable connection" errorwithin 3 minutes of joining, which I'm guessing is similar to the battleye error that I usually get. I dont understand why it seems like im only getting kicked out while playing certain maps and not on others.

Now for the internet related troubleshooting,

* I do not use a VPN
* I restarted the Tmobile router and made sure the ethernet cables were fitting correctly into the wall jack.
* I googled a bit and found out that the firmware of the mobile router downloads automatically, usually in the middle of the night, which rules out firmware as an answer to this problem.
* The tmobile router is placed near a window

I followed an article's recommendationfor me to open the command prompt and to ping my router. I typed in "ping -t" and let it run. The results were always <1mswhich should mean I have good ping to my router. I then opened a second instance of the cmd prompt and typed in " ping -t " which is pinging a google server here is a picture of the results. As you can see, after about 10-15 replies of low ping i would get a reply with a delay of 150-175ms. Note: I did not have any internet-intensive things playing in the background. How should i interpret these results? Is it normal to have a reply of 150ms after about 10-15 replies being less than 50ms? Or is that a sign that there is some latency in my connection which needs to be fixed?

Another person recommened me to use and test my internet. The website says that it "test the latency of your internet connection. Then we compare the results to a latency test performed while running a download speed test and an upload speed test. If the latency increases while the upload or download tests are happening, your router/networking equipment suffers from bufferbloat." From the sound of it, this test seems like exactly what i need. I pressed test and these are my results. I have solid ↓ Download 279.2 Mbps and ↑ Upload 46.3 Mbps. It gave me a grade of C which isnt very good, and its confirming that i get latency under load.

A few minutes later I did a second test and this time it gave me "D" grade. It said that due to bufferbloat, I might get intermittent disconnections to audio calls, which is true, i have a recent screenshotfrom a few days ago when i could not connect to a discord call with a few friends.
Under the FAQ of that website they said to upgrade my router, but i already did this last year. As far as i know, I already have the most up-to-date router that Tmobile can give me.

As of right now Im not fully convinced if this is purely an internet/ping issue or if its some sort of mod/battleye issue that I cant seem to figure out. It seems strange to get kicked with a battleye error while playing on Namalsk and Livonia servers but not on Alteria. It makes it look like its a mod related error, or corrupted files. However, on the network side of things I see that i get increased latency under load; I'm only speculating but maybe I experience a lag spike for a few seconds, and battleye detects that I'm in the process of disconnecting, and after a minute or two eventually battleye just boots me out of the server as a result of the lag spike. Maybe battleye is thinking I'm trying to lag switch or it could be that there isn't much of a grace period before you get auto-kicked for lag spikes.

Let me know if there are any other tests for me to do at this point, otherwise ill just have to switch ISPs.

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Cannot join servers for very long before getting kicked out and getting a "battleye error" message. (2024)
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