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McAdoo Fire Company Emergency Medical Services

What does McAdoo Medical services Do?

Early Intervention - Your Role
The Emergency Medical Services System begins even before the call is made to 911. You are the most important link in the "Chain of Survival." If you can identify an emergency early when it happens, and intervene quickly, you can offer the best hope of recovery from friends, family, or even strangers. We encourage everyone to learn first aid and techniques of cardiopulmonary resuscitation. And, when deciding when to call, use this simple rule: IF YOU'RE NOT SURE, CALL! Yes, we do get calls that are not emergencies. However, it is better to react quickly, than not to react at all. This is especially important for chest pains. Heart attacks are the leading cause of death nationwide. If someone is having abnormal chest pain, please call. Dial 911

When calling 911 in McAdoo Borough or Kline Twp, your call will first be routed to the Schuylkill County 911 Center. This dispatcher will ask you whether the emergency is a fire, medical problem, or law enforcement emergency. Medical emergencies are then routed to Schuylkill County EMS Dispatchers. These dispatchers are trained in Emergency Medical Dispatch techniques to properly sort out the call. After confirming your telephone number and address, the call-taker will ask you questions about the type of emergency. While this is being done, another dispatcher will dispatch the emergency. If you need medical instructions, including CPR, to help the patient, the call-taker will walk you step-by-step through this information.

The type of response to the emergency varies on the type and severity of the medical problem as determined the Emergency Medical Dispatch program. A typical response is the McAdoo Fire Co BLS Truck with professional and qualified EMT'S. Volunteer fire departments and emergency medical services are unique in being able to provide medical care within just a few minutes of the call. This is because Emergency Medical Technicians who live in your neighborhood can drive directly to the emergency from their home. This may take a few seconds to just a couple of minutes. This helps give our patients the best chance at survival. If the emergency is more serious, there will be a ALS unit dispatched. Our EMS truck carries basic medical supplies including a AED.

The certification level of our crews consist or CPR, First Responder and EMT'S. The EMT'S  can perform assessments, provide basic stabilization skills including AED, and administer oxygen. We currently have 20 active members that run EMS calls. When the Paramedics arrive they can administer intravenous medications. All of our activities are performed by written protocol. McAdoo EMTs  will provide initial on-scene care and transport the patient to the nearest hospital immediately. For patients requiring Advanced Life Support, the paramedics will  assist BLS crew from the time they arrive on scene. Most of our patients are transported to Hazleton General which is the closest hospital. For patients requiring transport to a trauma center they may be flown by a medical helicopter.

The Chain of Life 


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Previous Year Stats
Year EMS Fire
2017 450 115
2016 456 166
2015 457 160
2014 406 174
2013 392 150
2012 465 204
2011 511 155
2010 463 145
2009 441 138
2008 404 184
2007 401 134
2006 380 197
2005 402 234


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McAdoo Fire & EMS is a volunteer organization in service since 1921.

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